You Were Born To Hate

Most of y'all don't want to hear this but you need to.

Every one of you reading this.

I don't care if you're Black, White, gay, straight, rich, poor. I don't care if you've got three purple nipples or two regular nipples.

Ever since you were a little child, a little baby, a little infant coming into the world, you were programmed from your earliest remembrance to hate.

You were programmed in divisiveness.

You were programmed with bigotry.

Don't believe me?

Think back when you were a little kid, White families, White kids, White people.

Think back when you were a little kid. Walking down the street you see a couple brothers, three, four, five Black dudes.

What happened?

Family pulled you a little bit closer.

We locked the doors.

If you don't think that that is programming of divisiveness, of racism, of a way of feeling, you should get the screws checked inside your head.

Black families, Black people, my brothers, my sisters, ever since the earliest remembrance you have, the White man is the oppressor. He's what's holding you back.

You stop and think, friends, for two seconds.

How you and I were raised, every single religious reality.

You haven't accepted Jesus as your Lord and personal savior. You're going to hell.

You're different than me, friend. You're different.

You haven't accepted Jesus. You're different.

You ain't going the same place I'm going.

From our religion, to our education system, to our families, to our friends, to our culture, to our magazines, to our TVs.

We didn't have this social media shit when I was a kid.

But make no mistake, as a White kid growing up back East between DC and New York City, don't for one fucking second think when we were walking down the streets in New York City or DC, and you see a bunch of brothers, there ain't a feeling inside, that there isn't a pulling a little bit closer, walk a little bit faster, go a little bit different direction.

And don't think for a fucking second as you're playing ball on the playground, a bunch of Black dudes, a bunch of brothers, a White dude shows up.

What? Come on.

See, this is the truth that no one wants to talk about.

This is the uncomfortable shit of personal accountability.

Because at the end of the day, friends, we were programmed to hate.

Our entire education system teaches divisiveness since we were little children about the pilgrims coming to America, and the Indians, and the oppression, and the White man, and the Black man, and the Indian, and this guy, and that guy.

Since we were little children, we've been programmed this way.

I don't give a shit who you are.

I don't care where you live.

I don't care who your mommy or daddy is.

I don't care if you were an orphan.

I don't care if you were raised in a typical American family.

Since you were a little child, you've been programmed with divisiveness, with racism, with hatred, with bigotry inside of your heart, inside of your mind, inside of your soul.

And put your ego to the side for two seconds, friend.

Don't come at me, "But no, no, no, not me, friend, not me. I love Jesus."

You're fucking full of shit.

See, this is the real conversation.

There is no law.

There is no government.

There is no institution that's going to take away what's inside of the nature of man.

Since the dawn of creation, this is how it's been.

My caveman family is better than your caveman family.

Oh, you're from that family. Fuck you. I'll throw a stone at you. I'll throw a stone at you.

That's how shit's been going since the beginning of time.

I'd love to tell you that it's going to change, but it's not, and it never will.

Again, not something y'all want to hear.

The only thing that's going to change, friend, is you reading this right now.

What are you going to do from here on out?

You can change the DNA. You're going to change the programming?

Because right now, every single Black family in America is teaching, and raising, and programming their family, their children, their little kids, every single Black media, every single aspect of black culture teaches the white man's the oppressor.

Every single White kid all across the world right now in America, all over the place, is being taught and programmed, pulling your kid a little bit closer, locking your doors, looking at this, looking at that, we don't go to this part of town.

You were programming your children to fucking hate, to be divisive.


Because it stems from you, friend.

You want to change the game? Change the game for you.

Won't talk about your neighbor.

Won't talk about this thing, and that thing, and this.

You change.

That's the only thing that will change.

It's hard though. Personal accountability's hard.

Knowing that you're out of shape is your fault.

Knowing that you're broke is your fault.

Knowing you're here is this fault.

That's a hard pill to swallow, friend.

Because it's really fucking easy to blame your current reality, to blame this culture, to blame this system on some sort of thing that actually exists inside of you.

You think the government wants us to unify?

The government thrives off of division.

It thrives off of hatred.

It thrives off of bigotry.

You think the media wants all of us to get along?

You think the media wants this shit changed?

Look at the fucking headlines of every single story, everywhere, anger, divisiveness, division, hatred.

And that's what existed inside of the heart of a White cop, anger, division, divisiveness.

That's what exists inside of the heart of every single Black man throwing cinder blocks.

It's not what y'all want to hear. It's truth.

So you want to change the game?

Change yourself, change how you program your kids.

God bless America.

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Eric Lindsey

Eric Lindsey

June 18, 2020

This right here. Well done. Well said. 100% agree.

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