Fellas, Jump In The Pool

The last thing I wanted to do was jump in the damn pool with my clothes on. I didn’t care about the pics or the photo op. Real talk, I couldn’t have cared any less about the pool jump.
But she did.
She wanted it.
My wife has been married before but never really had a proper wedding. It was down at the courthouse kinda shit.
And this time she had a dream. She wanted the gown and flowers and location and cake and photographers etc. she wanted the fairy tale when in reality I’d have been just fine down at the courthouse.
So I jumped in the pool.
Not cause she made me. Not cause she’d have been mad or held it over me (she ain’t like that), I did it because it was important to her.
And I’ve learned over the years that I have things that are important to me that she’d likely never give a damn about but I want her involved.
So I jumped in the pool.
Because I love her. And I love her dreams and her desires. I jumped in the pool not for the photo, I jumped in the pool for her.
Her dreams may not be my dreams, but I wanted my queen to know her dreams were important to me. Her desires I care about.
So I jumped in the pool.
Fellas, jump in the pool.
Don’t be an ass. Don’t be a stick in the mud. It ain’t a flex to push her down or roll your eyes at her dreams. It ain’t tough to mock her or call her your old lady. It ain’t a flex to keep her down, it’s a flex to push her out to fly! It’s KING shit to empower your woman to LIVE HER OWN LIFE!
This is your fucking queen.
You want her to treat you like a King? You want her by your side when you do your shit and live your life?
Than stand by her. Do the silly shit. Take the photos. Dance in the middle of the restaurant.
I want my baby to dream and I want her to know that I may not have the same dreams, but I support her and will take whatever pictures she wants.
So I jumped in the pool.
Love you baby.

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