You May Never Make It To "Then"

There's a lot of people that think that they're just going to live forever.

There's a lot of people that will rationalize their way out of their dreams and their hopes and their visions.

They will rationalize why now's not a good time to take the vacation.

They will say, "Well, when I'm here, I will do this. When we achieve this financial status, then we will do that. When we have comfort and sustainability and all of these things, then we will do this."

And the truth of the matter is, friends, there are a lot of people that are laying in cemeteries right now that had those same plans.

There are a lot of people that were driving to their kid's soccer practice who got T-boned that never made it to the soccer practice.

There's a lot of people that didn't wake up this morning, not because they killed themselves or because they OD'd, but the Almighty called them home and that was it.

And guess what they had plans to do today? Wake up, have breakfast with their kids, take them to school, finally write that note to that lover, finally put that beef to bed and guess what?

They will never have that shot.

I'm not telling you, friends, to go clean out your bank account and spend wildly and live a reckless life.

What I'm sharing with you is the mere fact that this idea that we will get to this future point of financial abundance, financial comfort, that somehow, some way we will reach this euphoric moment, when all is well, then we can live our dreams, then we can go out and do our thing.

We'll work and then when we turn 65, then we will have fun, then we will be able to relax, then we will be able to do things with our kids.

There's a lot of fucking people laying in a cemetery right now that had those exact thoughts, that had those exact 5-year and 10-year plans and they never made it home to dinner.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it as you plan today on your 1-year plan, your 2-year plan, your 3-year plan.

Put that in their pipe and smoke it as you hug your children and your lover tonight and realize like...

What if this was the last fucking time that I spoke to my child?

What if today was the last day that I had on this earth?

What would I do?

Who would I call?

Who would I text?

Where would I go?

As you start planning your visions and your dreams and your hopes and your aspirations understand that you might not ever make it to that point.

So how the fuck are you going to live your dreams today?

What are you going to do today?

What are you going to say today?

That if all of a sudden you didn't wake up in the morning, you knew that you left it all on the field.

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April Whalen

April Whalen

July 26, 2020

This blog hit me hard. I always say “I will do this when…” We can’t do that till" I feel like my whole life has been a series of waiting periods. However I’ve gone on vacation and spent tons of time with the ppl I love most here and now but my bank account suffers for it. Working to pay my bills is never the way I intended to live. Thanks for sharing these relatable situations and make people think harder about them.

April Whalen



June 07, 2020


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