Lions Not Sheep

My friends, last month, two months ago, none of you gave a damn about the Confederate flag. 

None of you gave a shit about the Confederate flag. 

Come on, politicians, let's be serious. 

You walked past those freaking flags who've been flying in front of the buildings all over the South for the last 50 fucking years. Now, all of a sudden you flip your shit.

Nobody was protesting and rioting and burning the flags and ripping them down two months ago.

So what happened?

Fox CNN, ABC, NBC told you that this flag, this symbol of oppression and bigotry and hatred must come down.

So what did you guys do?

You all lost your fucking minds and jumped all over the thing and here's the interesting thing, until the day you die, every one of you listening to this, until the day you die, when you see a Confederate flag, you will think hatred, racism, bigotry, oppression.

Yet none of you picked up a fucking history book and know what the true meaning of the flag is.

None of you realized that two months ago, nobody gave a damn about the flag and nobody... 

It was flying in front of government buildings that both black and white politicians were walking in and out of every single day of the week.

My friends, last week, none of you gave a damn about lions.

None of you gave a damn about lions.

You went to the frickin' zoo and you paid your $25 and you took a picture and whatever, whatever. 

And now all of a sudden, everybody wants to change their profile picture to a lion. 

I love the lions.

Damn the man who shot the lion.

Lions and tigers and bears and giraffes and elephants are hunted every single day, all over the planet.

Where were you two weeks ago, friends?

Where were you two weeks ago?

Oh that's right, you were just going about your shit with a completely undirected mind and all of a sudden CNN and Fox and ABC and NBC said...

"We should hate the lion hunter. Let's crucify the man. Who wants to join me?"

Here, come all the sheep.

My friends, my message for you is this, wake the fuck up. 

Wake up, seriously, wake up.

The biggest, the greatest, the most profound computer that's ever been built in the history of man is the six inches between your ears.

Do you have control over this or does a $50,000 a year reporter sitting at a desk at CNN tell you what to think, tell you what to believe. Tell you what your spirituality, your psychological stance on life should be? And then you follow him.

Because the reality is a week ago, none of you gave a shit about lions.

I didn't see any of you posting pictures on Facebook about save the lion, save Africa, do this, do that.

I didn't see two months ago any of you talking about picketing, rioting, the Confederate flag, but what happened?

The media told you to, and this hollow piece of equipment hasn't been filled up and hasn't been booted and hasn't been educated and hasn't been strengthened.

And so what do you do?

You follow.

You run.

And tomorrow it'll be a mom who spanked her son with a spatula and now all of a sudden, we want to find out who made the spatula and we want to burn his house down and we want to burn his town down and we're going to ban all spatulas from every Crate And Barrel on the planet and take them out of every single Target so that no one can get hit by a spatula.

Yeah, it sounds funny, huh? It sounds fucking insane.

Just like all of you losing your damn minds over a flag, that's been flying for 150 years.

My friends, the six inches between your ears is the most valuable asset that you have.

It is the most valuable commodity on this planet and you have two choices.

You can run it, you can program it, you can control it, you can strengthen it, or you can allow someone else to, plain and simple, done and done.

Think about the insanity over the last 72 hours about a lion who got shot when there's lions getting shot every single day.

When there's elephants and tigers and, where are you?

Where have you been the last two months and two years and five years and six years when the same damn thing's been happening for the last hundred years.

My friends be a fucking lion, not a sheep.


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July 26, 2020

I have a hard time allowing people to tell me what to do or how to live. I’m a conservative with half black children, I’m also a Christian so burning down other people’s businesses and jobs is not what God has taught me to teach my kids! I can’t wait to get the shirts I ordered!! Trump 2020!!

Matt r Alberts

Matt r Alberts

July 17, 2020

My son-in-law turned me on to your products, good stuff. We have a large family, all patriots, always good to know there are like minded people out there, I find more and more everyday.

We all believe this is much bigger than just a bunch of flag burning, America heating, baby slaughtering dems gone crazy. Its spiritual warfare.

The Kingdom of God verses the kingdom of darkness, and we know the ending.

Guess what’s at the top of the list at Christmas this year?

Keep up the good work.

LD Mayo

LD Mayo

July 15, 2020

Let’s get this out there and hear from the silent people. It’s time to unite and stand up for our country.



June 29, 2020

Well as usual I’m late to the party… just watched the old video. I definitely want to hear more. Thanks.

Melanie Boates

Melanie Boates

June 21, 2020

Just ordered a few hats! Not a muzzled sheep here!!

David Wilson

David Wilson

June 11, 2020

Good stuff brother. Keep up the good work. We’re watching and listening..

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