Money Is The Easy Part

My friends, making money is not hard.

Hear me, let me repeat that.

Making money is not hard.

There's a million ways to make money.

There's a billion ways to make money.

There are people literally making money today, selling rubber penises.

There are people making money, selling fucking rocks and people complain about, "I don't have any money. It's so hard to make money. How do I make money?"

What you lack my friend is the mentality.

What you lack is the understanding and the cognitive capability to be able to generate money.

You need to learn a skillset.

You need to have tools to be able to make money.

See, you don't have those tools.

We weren't taught those tools in school.

We weren't taught that in elementary or middle or high school.

We were taught, if the sun is this tall and the tree is this far away, how long does it take the shadow to get to little Johnny?

Nobody gives a shit about that.

Let me explain something to you, really, really simply friends.

You have technology called the internet that can educate you. That can help you.

More importantly, you have access to resources and coaches and people, but many of you say, "Well, when I have the right time or when I have the money, or when I ..."

You've been saying the same thing for years, man.

You've been saying the same thing for years.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, trying to get a different result, right?

So my point for you friends, is simply this.

You can't build the house and then go get the tools.

You need to go get the tools to build the house.

And many of you are just trying to get the house without actually having the tools.

And there's a reason that your walls are crooked and the roof never goes on. And your cold as shit in the winter time, because you don't ever build a house.

That's why most people are broke.

So for those of you that are broke, those of you that are saying, "I don't know, and I don't know how to do it. And when I have the money, I'll join a group or join a mastermind or join a community or when I have the money."

You're never going to have it because you don't have the tools.

So stop looking for the house and start investing in the tools and then guess what you will have?

God Bless America.

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Chris Fehlman

Chris Fehlman

July 06, 2020

You are 100% correct not having the tools is not an excuse go get the tools find the tools build your house you put that very eloquently but I also wanted to say my order just came in and I cannot wait to rock the hat the shirt and my flag is already up in front of my house thank you very much So happy to have gotten this bad ass gear from you guys keep up the good fight lions always win God bless America brother

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