You're In The Cheap Seats Bro

Have you ever noticed that it's the people doing the least that talk the most?

Have you ever noticed it's the dude in the really cheap seats all the way up in the freaking nosebleed section that's telling the dude down in the cage, "Punch him in the face, punch him in the face."

I just posted a picture with my shirt off. Why?

Because I fucking work hard for my body.

I work hard to be in shape, and it's a really fascinating observation, because many of you are scared to share your life, and scared to share your wins, and scared to share who you are, and what you are, and making money and all these other things.


Because people throw shade and they talk shit.

"Oh, you think you're better than me because you're making money now? Oh, look at you. You got a small dick because you got abs."

Here's a really simple observation.

Go look at the picture that I just posted, and then click on the profiles of all the people saying I got a small dick.

"He's got small dick syndrome. Why don't you pull your pants down a little bit more."

Look at them.

Do you see a single one of them on there that's ripped?

Do you see a single one of them with abs?


A millionaire is never going to talk shit about you making money.

A millionaire's never going to talk shit about businesses that you've started that have failed where you've lost money

There is no fitness pro in the world that's going to talk shit about you building abs, not one.

Who talks the most?

The losers.

So my friends, next time you want to pull back, next time you want to scale back, next time you're like, "Oh, dude, I don't know if I want to share this. People are going to talk shit."

Realize something.

You want to start making money and growing a business? Millionaires will support your ass.

You want to start getting in shape and pushing and growing and building a body that you're proud of that you'd like taking your shirt off, that you're proud to take your shirt off?

The people that have done it will be there.

They'll be supporting you.

And all the jackwagons will be sitting there with their fucking nachos and beer, going, looking fat as shit.

My friends, the people in the ring, they got your back.

Don't fucking listen to the dudes in the cheap seats.

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July 26, 2020


Brandi Monsma

Brandi Monsma

June 25, 2020

<3 Perfect message <3

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