What Are You Worth?

Do you know what the most valuable commodity is that you have?

It's your time.

I just had a guy on Facebook say, "Hey man, I want to pick your brain"

I said, "Cool. Here's what my daily consulting rate is."

"Oh dude, that's ridiculous what you charge"

If you called a lawyer right now and said, "Hey, can I pick your brain?"...

What's he going to tell you?

"Sure, I have an hourly rate," or "I have an introductory cost." 

If you call a doctor and say, "I want to pick your brain," what do they tell you?

"Sure, come on in and we'll chat and then I'll send you the bill for my time." 

So when I tell people that my time has value and that I charge for my time...

"Well, you're an asshole. You're just a dude from the internet. You're whatever, whatever. Why should I pay you for your time?" 

Because I value my time.

Because my time has value. 

I produce results with my time and if you want it, I'm happy to give it to people that are willing to invest in it. 

You want to know what most people are not willing to do? 

They're not even willing to invest in themselves, let alone your time. 

People don't value their time. People just fuck around and do whatever they want to do and yet they get mad when I say my time has value. 

My friends, I'd have you consider for a second that if you want to make more money, if you want to be more successful, if you want more connection, understand that your time has value. 

As soon as you recognize your time as valuable, you stop wasting it on people that want to waste your time. 

You invest it wisely because guess what? 

I don't get my time back and so I'm not going to waste it on things that don't serve my purpose, things that don't get me where I want to be. 

So understand my friends, your time has value. 

The question is, do you value your time? 

Have an amazing day.

God bless America.

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July 07, 2020

Time is money, and money Never sleeps!

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