Chivalry Ain't Dead

Chivalry is not dead. 

Dudes are just kind of assholes, and parents are too damn lazy to teach their kids manners. 

I'm sitting at the gym parking lot and there's a Jeep over here and I watched a guy and a girl come out...
He walks over to the driver's door and unlocks it and she stands there for four, five, six seconds while he settles himself in and probably puts his shaker bottle down and then leans over and unlocks her door and she gets in. 

I was raised to say, "Yes, sir. Yes ma'am. Please. Thank you."


I was raised to stand when a woman comes in into the room and you shake her hand or introduce yourself. 

I was raised to give your seat to a woman when you're on the train or when you're in a room or things like this. 

I was raised to open the door for a woman. 

I was raised to stand up and protect when the time came.

I don't think chivalry is dead.

Chivalry is not dead, ladies. 

It's just the fact that, one, you don't hold yourself to a standard high enough to expect that from your man and say, "Hey motherfucker, come open my door."

What? And then actually leave his ass to go find a man who understands this.

But number two, parents are too damn scared to teach their kids, their boys to be a man. 

If I'm walking into a restaurant, a store or something and there's somebody in front of me and my boys don't run up and open the door for them, they know what's coming.

"Oh my gosh, Sean, that's so rude."

No, my kids actually have fucking manners. And if you ever met them, you'd see that. 

Ladies, chivalry is not dead. 

Fellows, chivalry is not dead. 

Stop being an asshole. 

Stop thinking that you're entitled to something. 

"Oh, but Sean, gender equality and things are changing, and dah-dah-dah. And who's to say, and why shouldn't women open the door for men?"

Fuck off. 

Men, step up. 

Ladies, if you're with a dude right now that doesn't open your car door, that doesn't open the door for you, that doesn't pull your chair out when you're sitting down at a restaurant, you're with a fucking woman, plain and simple. 

I would highly suggest you leave his ass and go find a man. 

Fellas, step your shit up. 

Act like a goddamn man.

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