Fellas, Your Relationship Game Is Weak.

"You must've done something really bad to buy two bouquets of flowers," the guy at Costco says to me. 

Swear to God.

"You must've done something really bad to buy two bouquets of flowers."

Fellas.... What kind of fucked up society are we creating? 

What kind of jacked up relationships are we building? 

When the first thought process, the first words, the first idea about a man buying flowers is that he's "in trouble".

That they're asking for forgiveness. 

I looked at him and I said, "Really? That's your mentality with me buying flowers?" 

I said, "No, I'm buying a bouquet for my daughter and a bouquet for my girlfriend, just because I want to show them that I love them." 

The lady behind me, I swear to God, you can't make this stuff up. said "I wish my husband thought like that."

You guys wait for a day on a calendar to tell you when to buy flowers. 

Think that through for a second. 

You value your fishing pole, which is why you buy a nice case for it. You take care of it, and you hang it up. 

You value your hunting rifle. You put it in a safe, and you take care of it, and you clean it and oil it. 

Yet we don't fucking invest in our relationships.

Fellas. You want your princess, your daughter to grow up to be a queen and find a good man? 

How about you be a good fucking man? 

How about you show her? 

How about you treat her mother with respect? 

How about you show your daughter that you value her and you invest in that relationship? 

How about you show your daughter and your sons that you value their mother and you invest in that relationship of five, six, seven, eight, $10 bouquet of flowers every now and again?

Fellas, ladies don't really give a shit about the flowers. 

Ladies care about the thought process that you go through when you spend $5 or $7 on a bouquet of flowers. 

Fellas, what you value you invest in. 

"But Sean, that's so easy for you to say. You have money." 

Motherfucker. You go out and buy a Rockstar and a Red Bull four, five, six days a week. You can't go buy a fucking thing of flowers? 

You're too prideful. I get it. 

It's fucking pathetic, man. 

It's pathetic that a guy at a grocery store, his first comment is that I must be in trouble. That's how his fucking broken ass mind thinks. 

My mind walks to Costco and I see flowers and I say, "Invest." 

Fellas, step your game up, man. 

Step your game up.

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Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen

July 01, 2020


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