All I Do Is Talk Shit Online

I was just told that I make my money from just talking shit online and taking gym selfies all day long.

"All you do all day long, Sean, is just take gym selfies and talk shit online. And that's how you make millions of dollars."


If that's the case then, friend, then why aren't you doing it?

If that's all it takes to make a lot of money, then why you broke?

Why wouldn't you just do that?

This is the same logic that people say that my stunning physique is built by steroids.

Fascinating isn't it?

If all it took was a needle in the ass, then why you still fat, bro?

If all it takes is just sticking a needle in your ass to look as good as me, which I look really damn good, then why are you still fat?

Oh, oh, oh. Hmm.

You actually have to do work.

See, it's far easier to make excuses, friend.

It's far easier to let your ego and your pride get in the way and say, fuck you when you see another man winning, when you see another man working than it is to say shit, how can I do that too?

You see, friend, if all it took was a needle in the ass and some steroids and you'd look as good as me, but you don't because you actually have to pick up heavy shit and sweat.

If all it took was just yelling online and taking gym selfies, then maybe you wouldn't be broke.

Fascinating friends.


You got two choices in life.

You can hate on the people that are on the come up that are doing well or you can step back and go.


I wouldn't mind making a lot of money.

I wouldn't mind looking that good.

What do I have to do?

And then do the work.

Have an awesome day friends.

2 Responses

Joshua Riffle

Joshua Riffle

July 19, 2020

Just finished your book. And it spoke to me like how I didn’t know I wanted to be spoken to.
Good shit.
More importantly, not generic but personalized. And I wasn’t ready for it a year ago. When I was still feeling sorry for myself. Thanks Yo

Jay Weston

Jay Weston

June 29, 2020

Just got my first shirt and love it! I loved your statement, fuck all the haters. Either lead, follow, or get out of the way. I choose to lead. Thanks for what you do!

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