Lions Not Sheep "War Hero" Premium USA Tee

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Lions Not Sheep "War Hero" Premium Unisex USA Tee 🇺🇸


In the prime of his youth & at the dawn of his homeland’s golden-hour; 

A time of fast cars, pure foods, family values, comrade in physical sports amongst his God fearing brothers, & the inherent promise of the bountiful legacy he’d undoubtedly forge alongside a beautiful, pure & feminine bride;

Willingly, he bravely & audaciously chose to defy common law & to gamble the promise of his future...

He stood in the long recruitment lines with his older brothers, where he’d lie about his age and the size of his boots. Standing on the ball of his feet so that his height might not be questioned.

Willingly… he constructed this older & taller identity so that the boy behind it, might stand to fight… to risk life, limb & prosperity… So that he could honorably protect the way of life he adored so much. One he found terms with that he may never return to.

His was the face of the brave, masculine, & honorable men of his generation.

Offering up name & individuality of self, in exchange for a platoon of men with the same disposition.

A group of men with the same face & the same name…

“War Hero” the masses would soon call him.

A generation of one truly masculine man...

He risked everything his bloodlines had cultivated to that point so that he could fight and die to ensure ours could continue to blossom…

He who survived & died chanting the motto of his forefathers: “Liberty or Death”

These men were one. And "War Hero" was his name.


Our new premium & luxurious 100% Pima cotton - Unisex tee

Knitted, dyed, designed, printed & packaged right here in the USA 🇺🇸

Our premium & most luxurious, 100% Pima Cotton - Made in the USA - The softest, lightest, most comfortable tee we've ever offered. 

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It’s a way of being.

It’s something you already have.

It’s already inside you.

You have 2 choices.

To lead, or to be led.

Lions Not Sheep is the savage inside you have chosen to ignore.

We live in a time when “fairness” and equality is peddled more than hard work and victory is.

We live in a time that man is encouraged to sit down and shut up than stand up and be bold.

Following the masses is more encouraged than following your heart.

Lions choose to lead.

Not to be rebellious or to stand out, we lead because it’s who we are.

We think differently.  We speak and act differently.  


A lion makes no apologies for being a lion.

A lion makes no apologies for wanting to eat.

A lion wakes up and fucking hunts.



Purpose. THE MIND

Production. THE BUSINESS

Lions live by a very specific code.  

Their own code to their own tribe.

Lions Not Sheep is not a group of followers, it is a pride of lions.

A pride of men and women who PRODUCE abundantly for their pride.

Who PROTECT their pride at all costs.

And who PROVIDE for their own needs and desires.

You choose if you are part of a pride.  

You choose if you are leading, or being led.

You choose today like every other day if you will be a LION.

Or if you will be a sheep.